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This site is the legacy of Tim Olmstead, without whom it would never have existed. Please check out the Tim Olmstead Memorial Page for more information.

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About this site

This site will be a clearing house for CP/M software. That's the good news. Now the bad news. What original source you will find on this site is all there is! The rest has been lost to the ages for one reason or another.

This site is user supported. That means that much (most) of the software posted here was donated by various individuals. The postings on this site are not yet complete. It is the goal of this site to be able to post every operating system, compiler, and utility that Digital Research produced for the 8080, Z80, Z8000, and 68000 processors (assuming we can find it).

This site is dedicated to the early days of microcomputing. Digital Research produced operating systems, utilities, and language products for early microprocessor systems. These systems included such microprocessors as the 8080, Z80, 68000, Z8001, and 8086/8088. The workhorse of the operating system for these systems was CP/M. A more advanced operating system, MP/M, allowed multi-tasking and multi-user, systems to be built.

For the CP/M software on this site, including the Original Source Code, there's a special license by Lineo, Inc. (Updated 9th July 2022). Be sure to check it out before downloading and using any file from this site. The previous license by Caldera isn't valid any more.

For further information and questions please feel free to drop me a line.

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Digital Research Binaries
Operating Systems, Applications, Languages, and Utilities.
Digital Research Source Code
The sources of the various CP/M operating systems, and more.
Tim Olmstead Memorial Library (DRI Manuals)
You will find manuals for many of the Digital Research software products there.
Included is the CP/M Documentation Project.
Some useful shareware programs for handling CP/M diskettes.
8080/Z80/Z280 CP/M emulators for PCs, and Macintosh 68K systems.
CP/M Programming Languages and Developer's Tools
You will find here the recently released versions of BDS-C, Modula-2 and ZMAC.
Small C
for various platforms.
What's New
This page will document the changes made to this site.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Links to other CP/M resources.

This page is especially dedicated to Gary Kildall and Tim Olmstead, who both left us much too early.