Digital Research Binary Files

Quick Reference

Applications Application programs that run on Digital Research Operating systems. This will include things like database systems, and emulators.

Languages Compilers and assemblers for programming your CP/M computer in various languages.

Operating Systems Operating Systems for various computers, and processors.

Utilities Systems utilities for various CP/M systems.


ACCESS MANAGER : 121K Access Manager for CP/M-86. This is a file mangement (database?) package for CP/M, or MP/M.

APPS for CP/M-86 : 17K Some simple CP/M-86 application program examples.

Display Manager : 252K Display Manager for CP/M-86.

DR-DRAW 86 : 100K DR-DRAW 86 graphics package for CP/M-86.

EMULATORS for CP/M-80 and CP/M-86 : 39K This package contains a CP/M-86 emulator which will run on MS-DOS/PC-DOS or CP/M-86. It also contains a Z80 emulator that will run on CP/M-86.

CP/M-86 Emulator : 22K Here is a unique program. It is a CP/M-86 emulator. It is supposed to run only on DEC computers. It will definately only run on the DEC computer (unless someone figures out how to fix it).

CP/M TEX : 11K Digital Research CP/M TEX binaries and patches.

WSOPTION : 38K manual in pdf and .COM file for CP/M or MP/M, by Bruce Jones. This makes the task of patching Wordstar 3.0 & 3.3 very easy. In addition the user is given clear indications as to the performance of their copy of Wordstar along with the ability to improve it in a number of ways:

  1. - Improved concurrent editing and printing
  2. - Much faster response to editing functions
  3. - Multiple printer output redirection from within Wordstar


CLOCK SUPPORT UTILITY : 4K Support code for clock on Compupro System Support board in 68K assembler. Source only.

ERAQ for CP/M-68K : 2K *** UPDATED *** Now contains REL and Executables. File erase utility for CP/M-68K. Allows wildcards.

FILE COMPARE for CP/M-68K : 3K *** UPDATED *** Now contains REL and executables. A file compare utility for CP/M-68K. Assembly source only.

FLOATING POINT LIBRARY : 19K This is a floating point library for the 68881 or 68882 to be used with the Alcyon C compiler for CP/M-68K. Includes source.

KERMIT : 30K Here is a copy of KERMIT for CP/M-68K. It requires that the system BIOS MUST SUPPORT IOBYTE.

MICRO EMACS for CP/M-68K : 50K Here is a Micro Emacs for CP/M-68K with source in C.

SETPORT UTILITY : 5K This utility will set the baud rate on the Compupro Interfacer 3.4, and System Support boards. Source only, in C, is supplied for CP/M-68K.

More CP/M-68K Utilities : 3K Here are some more utilities for CP/M-68K, all in source form; TPALEN, NEWSIZE, FCOPY and FCOMP.




CB80 v1.3 : 47K CB80 v1.3.

CB80 v2.0 : 108k CB80 v2.0.

CBASIC 80 : 27K Cbasic v2.8 for CP/M 2.2 or CP/M 3.0.
Please note that the file CRUN.COM of this package is corrupt. 256 bites of the program are bad, starting at hex offset 0400. If you got a version that's o.k., please send it in.

COBOL-80 : 129K DRI COBOL for CP/M-80.

DX Forth : 159K This is DX Forth, for CP/M-80. *** This file has been updated at the request of the author. It is now in plain ZIP format.*** (09-08-98)

DX Forth v. 4.44 (2020) : 269K.

FORTH 80: 316K Here is a public domain FORTH 83 for 8080/Z80 CP/M systems, version 2.

Z80 FORTH : 35K FIG FORTH v1.1g for the Z80.

Z280 FORTH : 129K FIG FORTH v1.1a for the Z280.

MAC BINARY : 39K This is the MAC 8080 macro assembler.

PASCAL MT+ : 269K FINALLY! Here is a different copy of Pascal MT+ for CP/M-86. This one should be a good one.

Pascal MT+ : 288K This is the Pascal MT+ compiler v. 5.5 for the 8080/Z80. Includes the Speed Programming Package for PASCAL MT+.

Pascal MT+ v5.6.1 : 174K This is version 5.6.1 of Pascal MT+.

Pascal/MT+ 3.3 for CP/M-68K : 127K This set of files was extracted from a DEMO copy of Pascal MT+ v. 3.3 for cp/m68K. The DEMO copies were identical to the retail product but contain a sticker which reads "DEMO NOT FOR RESALE". This disk's serial number is 3170-000-000088 Copyright Digital Research, Inc. 1984.
These are from a package which had never been used.
The link68 and lo68 are not included, as they were included on the CP/M-68 OS disks.

PASCAL MT+ Users Group Disks.

There disks were originaly on 8" media. There are 10 disks in the set. If you have more, please send them to me and I will add them to the collection.

DISK 1 : 95K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 1.

DISK 2 : 87K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 2.

DISK 3 : 93K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 3.

DISK 4 : 91K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 4.

DISK 5 : 41K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 5.

DISK 6 : 56K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 6.

DISK 7 : 77K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 7.

DISK 8 : 78K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 8.

DISK 9 : 77K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 9.

DISK 10 : 67K Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 10.

PLI-80 BINARY : 146K This is the PLI compiler. It is very compatible with the IBM PLI compiler used on the 360. The only functions I found missing were DATE and TIME, which were easy to fake out. (Apparently this is version 1.0).

PLI-80 version 1.3 : 111K Here is the PLI-80 version 1.3 compiler and libraries.

PL/I-80 version 1.4: 188K - version 1.4 including quite a few example files

PLM compiler : 343K ***UPDATED 05/25/98*** Here is the PLM compiler v. 4.0, along with an ISIS emulator to run on your PC. This is supposed to be the compiler to use to build CP/M 2.2, and it will also be needed to compile CP/M 3 sources. The ZIP file now also has ASM80, the assembler required to process the output of the PLM compiler.

Another PLM Compiler : I am told that this is v. 3.1, an earlier version of the above compiler. I have two versions. One runs on 8080/Z80 CP/M (185K), and the other is the ISIS emulator, and runs on MS-DOS (187K).

PL/M-80 compiler for DOS Box: 500K PLM81.EXE and PLM82.EXE created by converting the original Fortran sources to C and recompiling with Borlands BCC. Sources included.

REZ : 5k This is a Z80 version of the Ward Christianson RESOURCE disassembler with some enhancements. Binary only.

ZSID v1.4 BINARY : 16K ZSID for CP/M-80, MP/M-80.

ZSID Patch : 1k Here is a patch for ZSID 1.4 for an Amstrad CPC computer. ZSID uses RST 6 instead of RST 7.


CBASIC for CP/M-68K : 85K Here is Digital Research's CBASIC for the 68000. NOTE : I'm told that this is a compiler, not an interpreter. That's even better.

FORTH 83 for CP/M-68K : 155K Here's an odd one. This is FORTH 83 system for CP/M-68K. The code is public domain, but the manual is copyrighted (by Compupro). So, here is the code, but no manual will be FORTHcoming (pun intended). Hopefuly, you will be able to get by with generic FORTH documentation. Glancing at the README, it looks like the entire source for the system is included. So, good luck with your mission.

FORTRAN-77 compiler from Silicon Valley Software, Inc.
SVS Fortran77 compiler binaries, 163K patched back into working files from a corrupt archive by Martin from the comp.os.cpm group, and made available by Mogens Bramm.
Distributed online by permission of Steve Glanville, given on 12th March, 2022, worded as follows:
"I'd be happy to give you permission to use and distribute SVS FORTRAN-77 compiler binaries for these systems. You may use the compilers for commercial work either and post copies on the internet for others to use as well. There is no cost. The only thing I ask is that you keep the copyright notice as it is."
SVS Fortran Manual, 6.43M, PDF.

Pascal Compiler v2.1 from Silicon Valley Software, Inc.
SVS Pascal 2.1 compiler binaries, 585K. Rebuilt by Martin from the comp.os.cpm group and made available by Mogens Bramm as well. Same license as the FORTRAN-77 compiler listed above.
SVS Pascal Manual, 7.19M, PDF.


CBASIC86 : 123K CBASIC for CP/M-86 v1.1. This archive also contains a Teledisk image of the original disk as well as the scanned cover.

CB86 : 94K CBASIC Compiler for CP/M-86 v2.0.

DRI C-86 : 256K A C compiler for CP/M-86. I understand that this one has some limitations, but here it is. Surely it's better than nothing.

Digital Research C for the CP/M-86 Family of Operating Systems : 248K This is the original set of DRC 1.1 consisting of three disks.

DRC 1.11 for CP/M-86 1.1 (IBMPC) with examples. : 386K C compiler with modified header files, PCBIOS interface in RASM86 & Batch files to assist compiling under CP/M-86 DOS emulator, specifically for porting Turbo C code to CP/M-86.

FORTRAN-77 : 302K There has been a dire rumor that Digital Research never did a Fortran compiler. Well, here is a Fortran-77 compiler for CP/M-86 (version 4.0) that is DEFINATELY from Digital Research.

PASCAL MT+ v3.3 : 306K This is PASCAL MT+ version 3.3 for CP/M-86.

Personal BASIC : 45K Personal BASIC for CP/M-86.

PL/I-86 : 192K Here is the PL/I compiler for CP/M-86.

CP/M-86 programming languages and utilities: 135K.

The archive contains the following files:

AM80EXTR.BAS 4,864 - Program definitions for Access Manager with CBasic; works fine with either AM80 or AM86.
AM86CB86.L86 31,488 - Link Library for Access Manager with CB86.
CB86.EXE 7,936 - CB86 compiler, v2.1
CB86.OR1 16,384
CB86.OR2 15,744
CB86.OR3 26,880
CB86.L86 45,056
LIB86.EXE 14,464 - LIB86 Library Manager, v1.1
LINK86.EXE 42,496 - Linkage editor v1.3
RASM86.EXE 38,912 - Relocating Assember v1.3
SID86.COM 17,920 - Symbolic Instruction Debugger 1.0 for 8086 family cpu.

CB86 Editor: 44K by Weldon Bailey. This package includes the sources and the compiled program. It's a free plain text, full screen text editor written in CB86. It does some interesting things that most text editors can't. Since it is in CB86, it can do a search for wild card characters such as #, ? and ! in plain text documents.
EDIT.EXE is included, but you can also make your own by: CB86 EDIT
and run LINKEDIT.bat
The necessary L86 files are included.



CP/M 1.x

CP/M v1.4 Binary : 68K Here is the binary for CP/M v1.4. The BIOS should be for a Tarbell disk controller controller.

EARLY-CP/M : 91K IMDOS CP/M Compatible: 91K This is an interesting CP/M-like OS for an IMSAI computer. Examining the binaries reveals Digital Research modifications copyright 1976 and IMSAI copyrights dated 1977 and 1978.

CP/M 2.2

CP/M 2.2 BINARY : This is the distribution disk for the Xerox 1800 system.

CP/M 2.2 OEM redistribution disk : image of the original 8" CP/M 2.2 OEM version in ImageDisk format.

CP/M 3

CP/M 3 BINARY w/YEAR 2000 fixes. : 125K CP/M 3 binary compiled from the developers source. Includes the year 2000 fixes.

CP/M 3 BINARY The same as above to be built under Unix.

CP/M 3 for the Apple // : 354K This archive contains a collection of 8 disk images of CP/M 3.0 binaries and utilities for the Apple //e with Microsoft z80 daughtercard.

CP/M 3 for MSX : 307K This is the binary for CP/M 3 for the MSX2 computer.

Site containing CP/M 3 for MSX in .DSK format. These versions of MSX2 CP/M need Memory Mapper to work. It's also recommended to write-protect the disks before booting them on a MSX2+.

CP/M 3.0 BINARY : 173K This is the binary for CP/M 3.0 for a Wavemate Bullet Computer.

CP/M 3 for YAZE : 245K A CP/M 3.0 distribution with a CBIOS including sources to run it on the free Z80 simulator YAZE 1.10. For more information, please visit the home site for this fine emulator.

CP/M 3 French : 225K From an Altos ACS8000. Includes TRANSLIT.C source file which wasn't distributed on the original disks.


CDOS for the 68000.

CDOS-68K PART 1 : 986K CDOS for the 68000. Part one.

CDOS-68K PART 2 : 393K CDOS for the 68000. Part two.

CDOS-68K PART 3 : 418K CDOS for the 68000. Part three.

NEW 09/07/2002 CP/M-68K BINARIES: 307K This is a 5 disk distribution of the CP/M-68K version 1.1 binaries in RAW format (IMG).

CP/M-68K BINARY : 569K This is the binary for CP/M-68K version 1.2.

CP/M-68K BINARY : 655K This is the binary for CP/M-68K version 1.3.

CP/M-68K Boot Disk : 115K CopyQM boot disk image for NCR DMV. CopyQM not included. You can now get CopyQM from this site. Look in the SHAREWARE section.


UPDATED 11/15/2002 CP/M-8000 for Olivetti M20 : 530K Here is a set of image files (RAW format for 5.25") of CP/M-8K v. 1.1. It includes a bootable disk image for the Olivetti M20.
For more details please check the readme file included in the archive.

PCP/M-80 (CP/M 2.8)

NEW 03/31/2024 Sharp MZ-800 PCP/M-80: 135K Image files of PCP/M-80 for Sharp MZ-800, package includes original version (MZ-2Z047v1.0a) and a slightly later version (MZ-2Z047v1.0b).
Provided by Thomas Stephens.


CCP/M-86 3.1: 861K The copyqm disk images, and the indiviual files from a 5 diskette set of CCP/M-86 v3.1 for the IBM PCXT. Requires the StarLink 4 port 8-bit ISA Co-processor Card to boot. Perhaps a way can be found to patch that out. 1984.

CCP/M-86 for General Processor Model GPS5 MKII: 570K Italian version, IMD disk images. Disk 1 is bootable.


CP/M-86 v. 1.0: 72K IMD Image of CP/M-86 1.0 (SSDD format, from a 5.25" floppy). English/US version, no HD support.

CP/M-86 v1.1b : 260K CP/M-86 for the Eagle computer. Use CopyQM to restore disk image. Disk format unknown.

CP/M-86 for the PC 1.1: 375K The copyqm disk images, and the individual files from a 3 diskette set of CP/M-86 For The IBM Personal Computer [not XT][no AT-Patch] V1.1, [PC Only, no HD support].

CP/M-86 with a Compupro CBIOS: 320K This version contains the files needed to implement a custom CBIOS.

CP/M-86 binary for 1.44mb floppys : 148K Here's a package containing a 1.44 meg disk image of 'CP/M-86 For The IBM, Version 1.1' that contains Freek Heite's auto-booting high- density disk driver...along with the necessary 22DISK definition file (for cross-platform file transfers), and instructions and software required to reconstitute a real, usable 1.44 meg CP/M-86 disk under DOS. It should be very useful to prospective CP/M-86 users who aren't yet very familiar with all the ins-and-outs that are necessary to get CP/M-86 up and running. This package makes it easy. Even has a DOS-runnable BATCH file to automatically create the CP/M-86 disk.

CP/M-86 binary for 720K floppies : 148K 720K version of above (I think).

CP/M-86 BINARY : 113K CP/M-86 binary. Version # unknown.

Another copy of CP/M86 : 95K I have been told that the above copy of CP/M-86 is missing the file CPM.SYS. Here is a copy that has this file.

CP/M-86 1.0 : 172K This is a bootable CopyQM disk image of version #1.0, which seems to have the AT patch installed. Included are some utilities and BASIC programs written in German language. The HELP.CMD is in German, too.

CPM86 1.1 Bootable Binary : 236K : Here is a small CP/M-86 implementation for the IBM/PC. I don't know if it has the patch for the IBM/AT, but it ran on a 486/33. Included in the ZIP file is a copy of CopyQM, a shareware disk duplicator program. With this program you will be able to make a bootable disk (I tried it) for CP/M-86. It will have only a floppy, and a drive M:, which is a RAMDISK. You might be able to use this to build a more fullty configured system.

BOOT DISKS for the NCR DMV : 274K This ZIP file contains boot disk images for the NCR DMV computer. Both CP/M-80, and CP/M-86 images are presented.

CALUTILS 14K Some disk patching utilities for the CAL-PC

CPM86/80 Combo : 173K Here is a combo: CP/M-86, and CP/M 80 (v2.2?) for the DEC Rainbow 100 computer.

NOTE: The copy of CopyQM included in the ZIP file wouldn't run on my Pentium (AMD K5/133), but it did run on a 486/33.

CPM86/80 Combo : 173K Here is a combo: CP/M-86, and CP/M 80 (v2.2?) for the DEC Rainbow 100 computer.

CP/M-86 v. 1.0 and 1.1 for Commodore B Series:
CP/M-86 1.0 150K
CP/M-86 1.1 123K
These two engineering prototype diskette builds are for the Commodore B Series models CBM 128-80, CBM 256-80 (North American naming) or 710, 720 (European naming) models with the 8088 coprocessor card installed. The diskette images are in ZIPed .D80 format (CBM 8050 diskette drive GCR encoding).


CP/NET 1.1 BINARY : 70K This was an early attempt at networking for CP/M systems.

CP/NET 1.2 BINARY : 218K This archive also contains a Teledisk image of the original disk as well as the scanned cover.


GSX 80 : 45K A copy of GSX for CP/M 2.2 or 3 that came from an Amstrad. Runs on Microbee Z80 CP/M 2.2 computer but no drivers to get graphics to screen, prints out okay though.


GSX-86 v1.3 BINARY : 150K This is the binary from the GSX-86 distribution disk set, version 1.3.

GSX-86 v1.2 BINARY : 73K GSX-86 binary for v1.2.

GSX TEST suite : 255K Test suite for GSX-86.

Here is a very complete distribution copy of GSX v1.3 for CP/M-86. This is 17 CP/M-86 diskettes. Many of the disks have source for drivers.

Master A : 115K Disk "Master Control 'A' 1.3 for CP/M-86".

Master B : 37K Disk "Master Control 'B' 1.3 for CP/M-86".

Serialization Disk : 8K Disk "GSX Serialization Disk".

GSX GDOS : 24K Disk 1 of 14.

Plotter Skeletons : 47K Disk 2 of 14.

Epson Printer Skeleton, Vol 1 : 58K Disk 3 of 14.

Epson Printer Skeleton, Vol 2 : 81K Disk 4 of 14.

Diablo Ink Jet Printer Skeleton, Vol 1 : 74K Disk 5 of 14.

Diablo Ink Jet Printer Skeleton, Vol 2 : 22K Disk 6 of 14.

Sreen Driver Documentation : 33K Disk 7 of 14.

Color Memory Mapped Memory Skeleton : 28K Disk 8 of 14.

IBM Color Screen Skeleton : 43K Disk 9 of 14.

Monocrome Screen Skeleton : 59K Disk 10 of 14.

NEC 7220 Screen Skeleton : 43K Diak 11 of 14.

Test Suite Vol 1 : 63K Disk 12 of 14.

Test Suite Vol 2 : 1K Disk 13 of 14.

Test Suite Vol 3 : 5K Disk 14 of 14.


MPM 1 Binary : 108K Here are the files for MP/M v1.1. It's XIOS should be for a Disk Jockey 2D. There are no source files.

MP/M 1 Binary : 174K This is MP/M v1.1 for a Systems Group System 2800 computer. It includes source code for the XIOS targeted to M80/L80. Obviously I don't have M80, but the source can probably be made to work with something else.


MPM II Binary : 211K This is the distribution disk for an Altos series 5 MP/M system. It doesn't have the XIOS source files, nor any of the DRI distribution files for porting the OS to other hardware. See the next entry for that.

MPM II Binary : 172K Another copy of MP/M II.


MP/M-86 2.1 : 604K This is a collection of three disks containing binaries of MP/M-86 2.1 (20 July 1982). Some files also contain a version string "MP/M-86 2.0 10/5/81", which lets me assume that v. 2.1 was just a minor update.

Personal CP/M-86

PCP/M-86 v. 1.0/5b German : 524K Binaries and disk images (CopyQM and RAW) of the German issue of Digital Research's Personal CP/M-86 1.0/5b for the Siemens Simatic S5 programming device PG685.

PERSONAL CP/M-86 v2.0/2 German : 372K This is Personal CP/M-86 for the Siemens PC 16-20 (will work on IBM PC/AT compatible machines). It is supposed to be able to access greater than 32mb hard drives. The installation instructions are in German. This ZIP file now includes an English translation of the READ.ME, and MENUHELP.TXT, files.

Personal CP/M-86 2.0/2 English version. : 203K Get a copy of CopyQM and make some bootable disks from the files in this ZIP file.

Personal CP/M v2.04 : 207K PCP/M-86 english ver 2.0/4 for PC16-20/AT.

PCP/M-86 v. 2.0/4 German : 247K This archive contains a 720K CopyQM disk image of the German version of Personal CP/M-86 for the Siemens PC 16-20.

Personal CP/M-86 English ver. 2.1/1 : 246K Personal CP/M-86 English ver. 2.1/1 for Siemens Simatic S5/PG685 (Siemens PC-like computer but not PC/AT compatible).

PCP/M-86 v. 2.1/1 German : 553K Binaries and disk images (CopyQM and RAW) of the German issue of Digital Research's Personal CP/M-86 2.1/1 for the Siemens Simatic S5 programming device PG685.

Personal CP/M-86 Pocket Guide : 232K The archive contains a CopyQM disk image (720K, 3.5") and the extracted files, as well as an instruction how to install the software package.

YEAR 2000 FIXES : 13K Here are DATE.CMD, DIR.CMD, and SHOW.CMD for Personal CP/M-86 with year 2000 fixes.



CP/M-80 and MP/M-80

COMMODORE C128 UTILITIES : 51K Here is a collection of CP/M utilities for the COMMODORE C128. These utilities will run on most any CP/M computer with CP/M 2.2 or CP/M 3.

DISASSEMBLERS : 57K Here is a suite of disassemblers for CP/M 80. Supported processors are : 6502, 6803, 6809, 8048, and 8086. Both source and executables are included.

DUF05 (Disk Utility Functions) : 26K manual in pdf, .COM file and .ASM source for CP/M or MP/M, by Bruce Jones. This is his CP/M version of what the Norton Utilities later did for the PC platform with regards to checking and correcting disk errors, such a bad directory entries or mapping out bad spots on a diskette or hard drive.

MAC Macro Assembler : 39K This is the MAC 8080 macro assembler.

MP/M PLUS : 29K manual in pdf and .COM file & two patch files, by Bruce Jones. This allows a user to add features that speed up MP/M disk I/O by 2 to 3 times. In fact, with the optimal version some file operations are 5 to 10 times faster. (updated 01/16/2004)

WGREP: 35K Updated version of FGREP by Ian Ashdown, with wildcard support. By Thilo Lauer.

ZSID v1.4 BINARY : 16K ZSID for CP/M-80, MP/M-80.

A ZSID Patch : 1k Here is a patch for ZSID 1.4 for an Amstrad CPC computer. ZSID uses RST 6 instead of RST 7.


NEW 09/13/2003 CP/M-86 Bug Report and Patches : 9K The archive holds two files, a) A Software Performance Report of known program bugs, and b) A file of software patches. Some of the descriptive text is messed up, but the patch instructions seem ok.

CP/M-86 AUDIO & GAMES : 46K Sound-related programs include a white noise generator, a speaker silencer, a BEEPer, and a "Happy Birthday" tune player. This archive also contains the games Tetris and Gunner. This archive contains a TETRIS game that is pretty easy (or so I've been told) to port to DOS. Click here for details. In fact, it has been ported to DOS, and here it is.

CLOCK UTILITIES for CP/M-86 : 18K An assortment of clock-related stuff, including non-Y2K-compliant system clock-setting programs (you'll need these if you apply the "Year 2000 patch" to your CPM.SYS file). Also software for the proprietary Dallas Semiconductor "SmartWatch" hardware clock, an on-screen digital clock, and a stopwatch program.

COMMUNICATIONS UTILITIES for CP/M-86 : 68K - Includes the full-featured MODEM9 communications program, plus a more modest terminal program. Also included: command-line phone dialer, COM 3 & 4 BIOS recognition forcer, 19.2 KB serial port initializer, command-line modem string sender, and a program to shove UARTs off the interrupt buss.

KEYBOARD & DISK UTILITIES for CP/M-86 : 96K - Includes x86 versions of the classic CP/M "DU" disk utility and "SUPERDIR" enhanced directory lister, as well as newer stuff: MFM/RLL hard disk head parker, hard disk ROM BIOS low-level formatter, CapsLock toggle, keyboard speed-up, keypad reprogrammer for WordStar, much more.

FILE COMPRESSION UTILITIES for CP/M-86: 134K Every archiving and compression/decompression program ever produced for CP/M-86. Includes ARC, LU, LAR, SQ and USQ, DELBR, and various other sub-sets and improvements on these originals. Everything you'll ever need to create and extract CP/M-86 archives.

FILE UTILITIES for CP/M-86 : 236K - A cornucopia of resources for both text and binary files. Includes Newsweep, Grep, Uuencode/Uudecode, file copiers with user area support, text file browsers, a Norton-style byte-level binary editor, selective eraser/uneraser, fast file finder, WordStar high-bit a ton more great file-related stuff.

FILE XFER UTILITIES : 73K Here are several utilities for transfering files to <==> from CP/M-86 and PC-DOS partitions.

File View : 34K FileView is a utility for CP/M-86. Source is included.

GRAPHICS VIEWERS for CP/M-86 : 136K This archive contains file viewing programs for .PCX and .IMG graphics files. These programs display true, high-resolution DOS-style screen graphics, and are the very first such graphical programs ever produced for CP/M-86...a major achievement. The .PCX viewer comes in separate versions for Hercules monochrome, CGA, and EGA/VGA. The .IMG viewer is for VGA only. A few sample graphics files are included.

M2CBASIC : 94K Microsoft Basic to CBASIC translator for CP/M-86.

MISC. UTILITIES : 31K An assortment of uncategorized CP/M-86 stuff. Includes two more CP/M-80 emulators (one with source code); several SUBMIT file utilities, including a DOS-style "ECHO" command; a differential binary file comparison program; another text file browser; and a potpourri of other CP/M-86 miscellany...all good.

MISC. UTILITIES : 196K Some more CP/M-86 programmers utilities. There may be some duplication here as some of the utilities in these files may be newer versions of ones already posted here. But, I will keep all versions in the interest of being more complete. Also, you never know when a bug may have been introduced in a newer version.

MOUSER 3K - *** UPDATED 01/18/99 *** CP/M-86 demon program which uses direct hardware-level mouse access to implement a point-and-click user interface. Includes source code illustrating how to directly access the mouse (no driver needed). Requires an IBM-compatible computer, with a mouse on COM 1.

NECVCPM.ZIP: 7K Source code for the CPM-80 emulator. Executes CPM-80 under CPM-86 on the NEC V20/V30 range of processors. Source code contains instructions of how to compile .CMD program and how it works.

Patches for CP/M-86 : 11K Here is some CP/M-86 support stuff, and includes the patch for CP/M-86 v1.1 to run on an AT class machine.

Programmers Utilities for CP/M-86 : 49K Here are some programmers utilities that may, or may not, be included elsewhere.

PRINT UTILITIES for CP/M-86 : 16K An assortment of print-related utilities and applications, including a port initializer, software printer toggle, printer port re-assignment programs, software print-screen switch, etc. Also 3 small apps for dot-matrix printers: a printer controller, typewriter emulator and label printing program.

REGULAR EXPRESSION COMPILER : 120K A CP/M-86 freeware compiler from Universidad Autonoma de Puebla. Includes the standard version, plus a version that supports floating point math. With source code.

SYSTEM UTILITIES for CP/M-86 : 8K A collection of useful low-level system utilities. Includes a CMOS battery checker, system ROM finder/identifier, system memory reporter, CPU dater, game port diagnostic, XT "turbo" mode switcher, system rebooter, and an 8086/8088 processor speed booster (5-10% gain).

VFILER : 39K This is a port of the popular VFILER program for CP/M. It is intended to be used with CP/M-86, or one of its derivatives, on an IBM PC/AT platform. Source is included.

VIDEO UTILITIES for CP/M-86 : 28K 22 video-related utilities and small applications. Utilities: screen clears, color setters, status line toggle, test pattern, screen blankers, video mode setters, much more. Apps: screen sketching program, customizable on-screen reminder message, disco strobe light, bouncing ball, huge-lettered screen messages, more.

XLISP : 56K Yes, there is a permutation of LISP for CP/M-86, and this is it! XLISP is an interpreted object-oriented programming language, with many nice features and capabilities. Even rabid LISP freaks can now feel "at home" with CP/M-86. XLISP is public domain.

XLT86 : 22K This is an 8080 to 8086 translator for CP/M-86.

CP/M-86 YEAR 2000 FIXES. : 7K Here are the Y2K "fixes" for CP/M-86 For The IBM, ver. 1.1.
The archive includes the following:

   Y2KPATCH - Text file on how to patch CPM.SYS for a permanent Y2K "fix."

   NEWTOD   - Manual time/date setter that accepts Y2K parameters.

   GETCLK   - Y2K-compliant system time/date setter for PCs and XTs.

   Y2KATCLK - Y2K-compliant system time/date setter for 286 and up.

These have all been extensively tested on a variety of different hardware,
and appear to work as advertised. 

Concurrent CP/M-86

CCP/M-86 Programmers Package : 105K it is a 2 diskette ccpm programmers package. Disk 1 holds early version tools; v1.1 and 1.2 The second disk is an interesting collection of mostly DRI C sources for implementing an example windowing program for CCP/M [86] _for the IBM PC/XT_ . These are from original 2 diskette DRI Programmer's PAK [tm], I received these without any further documentation as to their usage.


DR Net SBK: 248K System/Utilities and Generation Disk. Release 2.12.

Personal CP/M-86

Step 5 package for Personal CP/M-86 2.0 : 695K Archive contains 4 disk images (CopyQM format), including the Operating System and the Siemens development package itself.


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